The Crumbling

It feels like the structure
Of my life
Is crumbling rapidly
I’m beset with strife

Like the city of Venice
I’m on precarious ground
Gradually rotting and sinking
Into the abyss that surrounds

It feels like the foundations
I have built
Have been swept away
As my entire world tilts

On its axis
The end of days
All I can do
Is hope and pray

The fire in my belly
Almost extinguished
No sense of purpose
I simply languish

It was never meant to be this way
I look upon my choices with dismay
I thought I was following my own true bliss
It was never meant to turn out like this

How do I get out
Of this stinking quagmire?
I want to scream and shout
But I’m silenced because I can’t get myself into gear

I’m at a crossroads
But it’s not signposted
I don’t know which way to go
And I am tormented, like a hostage

I had big plans
I had major dreams
But they lie in tatters
I’ve come undone at the seams

Oh, dear God!
Let not this last!
Don’t let this be the end of me!
I entreat you – rescue me fast!

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