Winter In June

Winter in June

Thunderstorms and rain

Below average temperatures

Wind that’s insane

Plants topple over

Flowerpots smash

No need for sunscreen

More like scarves and hats

Umbrellas at the ready

Warm coats on

Dark, sulllen days

What’s happened to the sun?!

Eating for comfort

Soups and stews

Too cold for salads

Need something hot inside of you

The ice cream shop

A barren place

No trips to the seaside

Instead we brace

Ourselves for the onslaught

Gather round the fire

Whack the heating back on

And feel unseasonably tired

Some snuggle up in bed

In front of the tv

No frolicking on patios

Or sunbathing

It’s not usually this miserable

At this time of year

But what can we do?

Except play it by ear?

Wait for the dreariness

To subside

For the sun to resurface

Once the showers have dried

We simply must pray

The end will come soon

Of 2019’s

Winter in June.