The Pain & Power Of Love

Hearts are breaking
All around me
The saddest Sunday
Beyond dumbfounds me

Taken from us
Cherished souls
Recruited now to heaven
Leave a gaping hole

I understand
Angels are rare
In high demand
For Him upstairs

But why at times
Does it to have to be
That awarding wings
Defaults in earthly tragedy?

The Lord doth move
In mysterious ways
But such events
Can our faith shake

The wondering how come?
It had to be this way?
The cursing of Him
For ‘inflicting’ pain!

On those left behind
To fill the void
Whose guts have been wrenched out
And whose lives seemingly have been destroyed

By an at times brutal exit
Of a treasured person of note
Some might say a ‘loving’ God
Would spare them if He to them were devote

It IS indeed truly baffling
A dilemma spiritual sceptics debate
The concept that He “wouldn’t do such a thing”
Unless He actually did borderline hate

The children He perhaps created
If indeed He did that at all!
For honestly it is my belief
That God is LOVE and its very source

Thus there is no such thing
Contrary to The Bible
Of a ‘vengeful’ God that reeks havoc
On His ‘unruly’ disciples

There IS no man on a cloud
Who sits in judgement and doles out justice
There is simply a blissful force of sublime
And we do originate from this

From love come we all
To love do we return
The physical realm we temporarily occupy
Is simply a place we come to to learn

To experience
Being of the flesh
Before we evolve
And move on to the next

Plane of existence
As our souls take flight
Our bodies merely a vehicle
For our essences to navigate life

We are born to die
For each incarnation has an expiry date
Take comfort from the fact we do not belong here
Then God you won’t wish to berate

For if God is love
Love prevails!
When ashes come to ashes
And we’ve our last breath exhaled

We feel no agony –
I am convinced of this
We simply transition, shed our skin
All the while melting into pure bliss

Only if
We are to remain
Upon this earth
Do we feel pain

The loving force
I perceive to be God
Ensures we are spared that
At all costs

Is not God’s plan
For humanity
Nor can he affect
This reality

It has to play out
The way the dice rolls
Cause and effect
Not angry thunderbolts!

Sometimes bad things just happen
In this so called life
It’s not ill karma or His ‘wrath’
That causes us such strife

So if anyone you care for
Has sadly passed of late
Whatever the circumstances therein
Which now test your faith

Focus not on anger
Though that may be quite tough
Focus now instead
On the depth of your love

For love is truly eternal
And transcends this world
Love is all there really is
Love can comfort and love can heal

Knowing this
You may take strength
That love will ensure
We meet them again

In the afterlife
High above the earth
On that star whence we came
The love that now hurts

Enduring forever
Means we are one
Thus death is no barrier
Love cannot overcome.