Little Red Riding Hood

There’s a pack of wolves

At my door

Baying dogs

Salivating and sore

Hungry for blood

Tracking my scent

Waiting to pounce

If I should relent

Circling scavengers

Starved and rabid

Set upon me

Because I was too placid

Like Little Red Riding Hood

I decided to walk

Through the woods

But didn’t want to talk

They viewed my silence

As a passive attack

But maybe I’m different

And don’t like to hit back

I simply showed restraint

Cut my losses

Didn’t get embroiled

In sniping and gossip

Headed for the hills

To a more tranquil place

To tend to my wounds

With compassion and grace

It was still a free country

Last time I checked

I am free to fraternise

With whomever I select

Free to roam

Wherever I please

And spend my time

Fulfilling my own needs

I don’t ‘belong’

To anyone

I am my own person

And my will is strong

I won’t be dictated to

Used as a prop

And I am not afraid

Of baying dogs.