Reach Out

When your mental health
Comes under attack
And you’re feeling like
You’re going to crack

When there’s nowhere to run
For you can’t escape yourself
What should you do?
How should you get help?

Should you block it all out?
Anaesthetise the pain?
Self-medicate, self-harm
Self-destruct, go insane?

Sink into a hole?
Close the door on the world?
Suffer in silence?
Let it take a hold?

I really don’t think so
Try to find a better way
Talk it out with someone
Maybe meditate or pray

Put a pen to paper
Allow it to come through
Don’t keep it bottled up inside
If it could mean the end of you

Please don’t ignore it
It won’t just go away
Reach out, find a cure
So you can live another day

It’s time to erase the stigma
Surrounding the disturbed mind
Anyone can have a meltdown
At any point in time

Could be me, could be you,
Could be her next door
And it’s purgatory when it’s strikes
And you’re writhing on the floor

Self respect down the drain
You struggle and toil to stand tall
The last thing such victims need
Is judgement, condemnation and scorn

It’s just a little blip
It requires understanding
Compassion, love and patience
And utmost care when handling

If we can eradicate the fear and judgment
Sufferers will be able to shout
Not ashamedly imprison themselves
And perhaps seek the ultimate way out

It’s an illness like any other
And can be treated in a myriad of ways
So please, FFS, reach out!
Get help for goodness sake ❤️