The Meeps are running

Riot again

A media-driven

Fear campaign

Has compelled them all

To panic buy


And the pumps have run dry

As when bog roll

Was out of stock

Because said Meeps

Greedily hoarded the lot

Now we can’t

Top up our tanks

Like we couldn’t wipe our bums

What possesses these planks?!

Swarming round the garages

Blocking up all the roads

Driving over roundabouts

Cussing each other, forgetting moral codes!

Turning up with cans

Lies, excuses a-plenty

Manipulating the worn out staff

Demanding they fill what’s empty

If only like Jesus

Turned water into wine

We could convert stupidity

Into premium unleaded, we’d be fine


That’s impossible to do

So we’re forced to put up with

These bonkers buffoons

Who’ve been ‘fuelled’ by the press

(How ironic is that?!)

To go berserk

And stockpile gas

Now everyone’s supply

Is running dangerously low

You’re f**ked if you have

Somewhere to go

If the red light is on

And your car is running on fumes

You’ve got the Meeps to thank

For acting like loons

The country’s gone berserk

Common sense an ancient myth

Cheers to Boris and Co

For generating this

Cheers to the mainstream media

For ramping up the angst

Triggering the Meeps

Who in turn have attracted the armed forces, gee thanks

So now they’re gearing up

Mobilising to bring about ‘order’

We’ll be patrolled by the green berets

Who’ll ration gasoline going forward

It’s stinks of a cunning plan

To ultimately impose martial law

They threatened it during the lockdowns

Now we’re facing it once more

If the Meeps don’t flamin

Get a grip

And fight for FREEDOM

Over raising the level on their dipstick

Maybe the rest of us

Would stand a cat in hell’s chance

Of averting the descent

Into a dictatorship, for that’s the plan

Using the tactic

Of divide and rule

Spectacularly demonstrated

By these frenzied fools

The people are at war

With one another

“Every man for himself!”

“Bugger your sisters and brothers!”

It’s exactly what they want –

To grind us all down

Fracture our society

And the Meeps are the clowns

Gorging on the news

Bewitched by the propaganda

Blind as bats in their virtue-signalling masks

Heading straight towards Orwellian disaster.