Is an unfortunate trait

Igniting rumours

Spreading hate

Lighting fires

Where waters were calm

With the intention of causing

Somebody harm

Sullying a reputation

Dropping poison in willing ears

The Ten Of Swords is dealt

Back stabbing the tactic of fear 

The cowardly assailant

Dishing dirt from behind the scenes

A malevolent Wizard Of Oz

Manipulating things

And minions with loaded guns

Patrol now they’ve been ‘armed’

Programmed, remotely controlled

By the Wizard which has them charmed

Poised to attack

When the ‘enemy’ draws near

Enlisted to fight someone else’s war

Not to support any cause they hold dear

Embroiled in something 

That concerns them not

Having leapt on the bandwagon

Intent on thickening the plot

Oh, the Wizard had swallowed 

A bitter pill

Which caused it to vent it’s spleen

With bias and embellishment

It’d carefully set the scene

Cast itself as the innocent victim

In a fairytale 

It’d relayed to it’s little minions

Itself the hero that must prevail

They writhed and they seethed

Utterly taken in

By the Wizard’s fantastical story

Believing everything

And their blood began to boil

Then it bubbled and it blistered

And it’s putrid bile did overflow

Into a sea of Chinese Whispers.