You Can Choose Your Friends…

A guilty plea

Judgement passed

Off virtually Scott free

The law is an ass!

12 month conditional

discharge – that’s all!

And a lifetime of hell 

Is what we’ve endured 

In addition to that

Family politics explode

Brats with big mouths

Add to the load

No respect

For the victim’s plight

Just one-upmanship

Jealousy and strife 

With relatives like these

Blood ties are severed

Who needs enemies?

When you’re kicked down in bad weather?

The lack of support

And empathy beggars belief

No wonder I live down south

What a blessed relief

I occasionally wonder 

Why I left them all behind

Bar four there’s nothing left

For me here to bind

So I’ll return to the smoke

When morning comes

Harbouring a refugee

Until she’s rehomed

And get on with my life

Cause Lord knows it’s tough enough

To exist in a world

At times so devoid of love.