For Bubba

Never thought I’d feel

What you make me feel

Never thought I’d find someone

To love me like this – it’s unreal


Is a funny thing

Don’t realise how closed off you’ve become

Until you find what was missing

Two broken pieces

That fit together to form a whole

You move me in ways you’ll never understand

You electrify my soul

Thank you for joining me

On this part of my journey

Thank you for being so open

And for giving me that which I had been yearning

I know it’s still early days

And maybe we’re living

In some kind of haze

I know you said you’re scared

But you’re safe with me

If you can face your fears

I’d never do you wrong

And perhaps one day

I’ll write you a song

But just for now

Please accept this rhyme

I love to you to bits

And hope you remain in my life ❤️