When To Quit…

The actress that time forgot

‘Resting’ prolifically

Gathering rot

The craft that began to rust

As she waited in the shadows

Accumulating dust

The spotlight that eluded her so 

After clinging tightly to her dreams

She had to let them go

The opportunities that didn’t knock

But passed her by

With the ticking of the clock

The fire in her belly that wouldn’t subside

Though nothing of note

Did materialise

The watching of others’ success

As she pondered upon

Her own lack in distress

The waning of that ambition

Abandoned hope

 Zero auditions

The conclusion it was time to quit

Try another avenue

Get over it

But this girl wasn’t finished yet

She’d find her forte

Live without regret

For where there’s a will there’s a way

And when the sun rises

There’s always another day.