You may not know where I’m coming from

You may not know where I’ve been

I may not be good at expressing myself

You may not always know what I mean

I’ll try to put into words

Exactly what I’m trying to convey

But if you struggle to understand me

Don’t jump to conclusions – just say!

Ask me for elucidation

To expand on the point I have made

And I will endeavour to illustrate

That thought which is inside my brain

I may illustrate this with pictures

Or perhaps I will sing you a song

You may have to peel back some layers

If so, please do it with compassion

I may do this with intonation

So pay attention to the tone of my voice

Sometimes I may not be able to verbalise

What I’m feeling but please realise

That I’m doing my very best

To communicate clearly to you all

If I flounder at times be patient

Especially if I should stall

For words have a plethora of meanings

And contexts they can be placed in

If we misunderstand each other at times

Issues may arise herein

So listen with ears wide open

Never assume you know

Don’t interrupt when someone is speaking

You may just spoil their flow

This is the way we should interact

To formulate a strong foundation

For not everything is always crystal clear

Sometimes we require clarification.