You Are Not Alone

On the edge of sanity

All screwed up inside

Mentally and physically

Wrung out and, oh, so tired

Anxiety overload

Questioning so, so much

Over sensitive

Frankly raw, in need of love,

Compassion and understanding

And time to sort this out

For I’m looking over the precipice

Hoping wings will somehow sprout

As I don’t want to fall

I only wish to fly

I’m doing my very best

To soar into the sky

So don’t be mad

If I seem distant

Give me a little space

And don’t be too persistent

Or demanding of my time

I can’t be ‘there’ for now

For I just need to unwind

Until I’m through this cloud

It’s been building

For a while

Been struggling lately

To laugh and smile

Too much noise

Inside my head

Need to still

The cogs and rest

For I am human

And I have Bipolar

They call it an

Effective disorder

I am not ashamed

To admit to this

The stigma needs to end

If it indeed exists

If you’re suffering

Find your voice

Ask for help

This wasn’t your choice

Invisible disabilities

Are so misunderstood

Often overlooked

Mishandled and, sadly, judged

But support is out there

If you can but ask

This I know

So speak up fast

Once you have

You’ll feel so much better

And life will improve

You won’t regret it

Enough now said

I’ve aired my piece

And frankly it was

A blessed release

Know I’m ok

But it’s good to know who’s there

I’m not far away

Just administering some self care 🙏