What is going

Through your mind?

When we’ve been together

For so much time

Now I feel you

Pulling away

The clocks ticks on

Another long day

You said you’d call

But never did

Only silence

No messages

I’m trying to give you

The space you seem to need

But this lack of communication

Is crucifying me

I sent a text

You didn’t respond

My phone doesn’t ring

And I wonder what’s wrong

Was I too demanding

Of your time?

One minute we’re inseparable

Now we’re divided by a thousand miles

I guess I miss you

Got used to you being around

Now you’re gone

I guess you must be having doubts

But if we’re still together

You should say something at least

Not leave me dangling in the dark

Bringing me to my knees

I’m trying not

To sit by the phone

But my life’s slowed down

And I’m always home

Not much to do

With my energy so low

Could do with some company

But you chose to go

I suppose no news

Has to be good news

You haven’t called it off

At least not yet, I muse

If you do now want to be free

Surely you’d have said

But I still cannot be sure

Though this fear is racing through my head

And so I’ll have to

Go to sleep

Once again

Without you beside me

Try to see what

Tomorrow brings

Try to distract myself

Until you surface again.