The Sting

Sub-zero temperatures

Falling snow

Outside seeming

Not a great place to go

Tucked up in bed

Electric blanket on

Huddled under the duvet

Waiting for the sun to come

This winter has

A sting in its tail

Spring struggling to burst out

Feeling tired and frail

Burrowing down

Keeping warm

Sleep descends

I hibernate some more

Nights are pulling out

But still the darkness is long

All consuming it envelops

Subduing vitality and song

Protracted coldness

Bites and snaps

Icy winds

Whip and slap

Akin to an assault

If one should venture into the street

Exposing oneself to the elements

In a bid to make ends meet

But lucky are those

With a roof over their heads

Some bed down on pavements

No shelter save for their threads

A sickening injustice

In this day and age

More poignant now than ever

I feel my weary heart break