Banishing Symbol

Frenemy, frenemy there you are
Your true colours finally shown
An ugly palate of murky shades
I’d suspected but not fully known

Your guard let down
They came to light
In an outpouring of harboured rage

That clearly had
Been festering inside
Until this putrid and vile display

Like a rocket gone off
And a man possessed
You listed all of my β€˜sins’

Instructed me
To live vacuously
Or be cast out with the bins

I chose the latter
For not for me
Are β€˜friends’ of the fair weather kind

A friend should be someone
Who’s got your back
You can laugh with and unwind

But more than that
They must show respect
Even when times get tough

Never must
That line be crossed
Or the whole thing will combust

And combust it did
In spectacular style
Past the point of no return

As one by one
Insult by insult
Every bridge did you burn

Thus cut loose are you
And banished for life
No regrets and no great loss

In separating
The wheat from the chaff
New horizons can I cross

Out with the old
And in with the new
As the energy starts to shift

Already they come
The influx begins
Of new friends bearing their gifts

So sayonara
And good luck too
As we walk our separate paths

I shed you now
For pastures new
Never to look back.