Banishing Symbol

Frenemy, frenemy there you are
Your true colours finally shown
An ugly palate of murky shades
I’d suspected but not fully known

Your guard let down
They came to light
In an outpouring of harboured rage

That clearly had
Been festering inside
Until this putrid and vile display

Like a rocket gone off
And a man possessed
You listed all of my ‘sins’

Instructed me
To live vacuously
Or be cast out with the bins

I chose the latter
For not for me
Are ‘friends’ of the fair weather kind

A friend should be someone
Who’s got your back
You can laugh with and unwind

But more than that
They must show respect
Even when times get tough

Never must
That line be crossed
Or the whole thing will combust

And combust it did
In spectacular style
Past the point of no return

As one by one
Insult by insult
Every bridge did you burn

Thus cut loose are you
And banished for life
No regrets and no great loss

In separating
The wheat from the chaff
New horizons can I cross

Out with the old
And in with the new
As the energy starts to shift

Already they come
The influx begins
Of new friends bearing their gifts

So sayonara
And good luck too
As we walk our separate paths

I shed you now
For pastures new
Never to look back.

Earth Angel


He was beamed into my living room
And bewitched me then and there
Overcome with butterflies
All I could do was stare

Never had I beheld such beauty
In so masculine a man
I couldn’t take my eyes off him
And was beyond overcome

I vowed then I would find him
And meet him in the flesh
Like he’d cast a spell on me
I was in him enmeshed

He seemed to possess my mind
Infiltrated all my thoughts
Every minute of every day
With the urge to meet him I fought

Then lo and behold opportunity knocked
And I acquired tickets to his show
Wild horses could never have stopped me
I knew I had to go

Dressed to impress off I went
A sense of purpose in my step
I knew not why I felt such a pull
Towards a man I’d never met

But in the studio it all became clear
As I trembled in my seat
The stage was empty yet my pulse raced
My heart pounded with every beat

Suddenly I felt his aura
Sweep across the room
With such a force it knocked me sideways
And a vision into my mind zoomed

Of a magnificent dark angel
With huge opalescent wings
Spanning the width of the earth
Purple, black, iridescent green

Almost like a peacock
It’s feathers refracted the light
I felt such tremendous power
No star ever shone so bright

And then the man himself
Appeared at the top of the stairs
And made his entrance majestically
As he descended to the earth

Some liken him to Jesus
And he admits to the Messiah Complex
Lord knows if prophecies come true
This earth angel could he be resurrect

That said I’m prone to fantasise
And fevers of the brain
This could be but a dream
Though it happened all the same.








Red Sky

Red SkyA Sahara/strawberry sky
Hangs over London Town
Shrouded in a sultry fog
As from my tower I peer out

The view across the city
Takes on a Blade Runneresque hue
As fiction threatens to come to life
With Ophelia passing through

The mood reactively ominous
The calm before the storm
Nobody wishes anyone
To come to any harm

The street lights all aglow
Though it’s only 4pm
Eerily silent and unseasonably warm
Are we facing Armageddon?

Red layers of ancient sand
Sail in on the balmy wind
From the deserts of Africa
Of biblical times do they remind

Thus this hurricane adopts a fleece
So innocuous does she seem
As did her namesake in death
When floating down the stream

But like the flowers she loved so
This beauty we cannot trust
For it has the power to maim and kill
When its eye is at last upon us


Velvety smooth
Fruity, full and rich
It cascades down my throat
Having passed my lips

Slowly but surely
It’s warmth permeates
I feel myself unwind
Savouring the taste

Cheeks all aglow
As I settle down
The perfect way
To soothe a furrowed brow

It’s colour deep and regal
It insulates on chilly nights
Snuggled up in bed with
A glass by my side

Sipping it so carefully
Savouring every drop
The divine taste of Rioja
Is something that I love.


Wandering Hands In La La Land


Wandering hands
Preying pervs
Surely now in La La Land
More will be unearthed

It’s about time this rot
Was wheedled out
It shouldn’t be what the profession
Is all about

The casting couch needs
To become obsolete
Shagging your way to the top
Never sat well with me

‘Tis a plague on the profession
Afflicting women all too much
Why should we endure
Someone chancing a touch?

Groping you under the guise
It’ll get you more work –
Don’t these men realise
They are clearly sick jerks?

Abusing their power
And position in this way
Intimidating their victims
Into subjugation for pay

Thank God for Equity
If you have the balls to fight
I didn’t once upon a time
But that doesn’t make it right

Women must unite
And find their voice
Speak up and speak out –
You have a choice!





Flakey people
Can get on your wick
They let others down
Perhaps for kicks

It seems they’re more important
Than everybody else
That the world revolves around them
So absorbed are they in themselves

Don’t be at the mercy of flakes
Value your own time more!
It’s just as precious as theirs
More-so because it’s yours

Don’t let flakes mess you around
Ditch those that really offend
Only the reliable ones
Deserve to be your friend.