Pinched Within An Inch

The cost of living ‘crisis’
Another spanner in the works
Engineered, no doubt, is priceless
To fleece us all and drive us berserk

Energy bills are soaring
The propaganda around this is boring
Placing the burden squarely on us
To economise and make drastic cuts

“Lower the temperature
On your washing machine
Turn down your boiler
With your central heating – be mean

Shiver your timbers
When it’s Baltic outside
Sellotape your windows
Wear a zillion layers with pride

Visit a food bank
And scrounge all you can”
As wages are pinched even further
Disposable income a thing of the past

The onus forever
Placed on the masses
Guilty of consumption
A pox on the world’s resources

The government schemes
Launching now via the news
Clearly demonstrate
Westminster has another screw lose

Instead of acting
To curtail the offending corporations
They teach us to cut ‘frivolous’ costs
As if we’re too thick to budget as a nation

Since when was doing your laundry?
In a labour saving device?
An honour only reserved for the rich?
As if cleanliness is now a luxury – yikes!

Boiling water, warming our homes
Switching on lights – all no go zones!

The Industrial Revolution
Now a waste of time
The contraptions invented to improve our lives
Too costly to run, obsolete, in decline

“Let’s all go back
To chopping down and setting fire to trees
F**k the environment – I’m currently skint –
And in dire need of heat!!!

Either I destroy
Another ancient Oak
Making oxygen scarce
(What an absolute joke)

Or I may as well
Pour petrol on my dosh
Ignite another natural resource
And bugger that extortionate cost!”

For it seems whatever we do
We are monumentally screwed
For we are simply made to consume
Like a plague on the planet of Locusts
Of Doom

Or at least that’s what
Our spineless government seems to think
So they bleed us dry
And gloat as we sink

It’s a total case
Of them versus us
The greedy, mercenary bastards
Want it all and then more, the c**ts

All the world’s wealth in the hands of a few
The ultimate aim of this motley crew
The Gluttonous wretches crave riches and power
And to enslave us as they pinch, rinse and devour

Yes, there’s a ‘cost’
Of living but it’s no ‘crisis’
It’s all contrived
To stick another knife inside us

We didn’t ask
To bloody be born
Yet here we are
Being CHARGED for our incarnation

Humanity despised
Being held to ransom
The solution is to rise
And eliminate this scum

Who are in NO WAY human
For only a demonic tribe of psychos
Could persecute so our beautiful race.