The ‘Therapist’

Utterly irresponsibly

You opened a can of worms

This bollocks that you call CBT

Has left me scarred and burned

You lifted the lid

On my darkest times

Then ejected me back

Into the wild

You said you could assist

But instead you just drew

Pathetic diagrams

After I my guts had spewed

You then said we only had 10

Sessions – this was not your field

But there I was exposed

My wounds now open not healed

Well thanks very much

For being so out of touch

For creating a ticking bomb

That might go off – for I can’t carry on

Like this anymore

I am on the proverbial floor

And you are the catalyst

That has made me feel like this

I’ll find a way out

For a survivor am I

I’ll get my shit together

And my tears will dry

But reader be wary

Of ‘therapists’

That will take your money

Then cast you adrift

Maybe it’s better

To work through it yourself

You’ve done it before

It’s called self-help.