The Abomination

He crawled up from
The underworld
Like a feral wolf
On the prowl

Hustling for crumbs
Money he could extort
Wheeling, dealing,
Thieving and more

That said his appearance
Oft did beguile
Handsome, charismatic
With a devilish smile

In fact he is
Lucifer incarnate
Lock up your daughters
Before it’s too late!

And too late it was
For someone naive as I
Who fell for his sweet talk
And sob stories, sigh!

Who kinda took pity
On this lost soul
Thought I could save him
Jesus Christ, what a fool!

And so he manipulated,
Wheedled his way in
Caressed, professed to care,
My defences crumbling

Red flags a-plenty
On this rocky road
Did I adhere to them?
Did I f**k, on I drove…

For I saw the diamond
The ‘potential’ at his core
Figured he just needed a break,
An ally, or something more

Figured I could salvage him
From the wreck
He’d made of his life
Now instead, I’M in the beck!

A sunken vessel
Whose world has been shattered
By unfortunate circumstances
The Beast must have attracted

For ever since we met
Everything’s gone wrong
Seems I allowed a demon to possess me
So now cursed am I, undone

The final straw
(And there were many before)
Came a couple of days ago
And, boy, am I sore!

To be robbed in your home
Whilst sleeping or bathing
Can never be forgiven
This monster ain’t for saving!

Finally a lesson learned
Maybe months too late
But at least the spell is broken
That me did captivate

So I cast him out
Threw him back to the pack
Of wolves whence he came
And that is that

And just for good measure
I’ve spoken to The Old Bill
Let’s hope I’ve seen the last
Of this abomination from hell

I can’t name and shame
But I will say this
Ask me and I’ll tell you
For, in this case, I do tell and kiss

His initials are
M – L – W –
I won’t fill in the blanks –
I’ll leave that up to you.