Him Upstairs

It’s been emotional

Harrowing and hard

Hormonal as hell

But, by God, I was dealt these cards

And I am going to play them

The best I possibly can

Not throwing in the towel

Not ever going to drown

I’m sucking it all up

Dusting myself off

Because even in the madness

Good things I’ve come across

He certainly might work

In mysterious ways

But there’s definitely a Divine plan

And I’m beyond amazed

New connections I’ve made

No such thing as coincidence

A new found faith in Him

For I sometimes lack common sense

Sometimes I get down

Sometimes I get sick

Just can’t fathom things out

And then I say, “F**k it!”

But then a hand from heaven

Maybe in disguise

Appears as if from nowhere

And makes me realise

That I am not alone

Someone up there cares

Someone’s watching over me

Answering my prayers

Someone’s got my back

And is teaching me each day

Subtly pushing me in the right direction

Never faltering, come what may

And I couldn’t be more grateful

Or in fact humble now

For never once in my insane life

Has He ever let me down.