Dirty Cash

The root of all evil
The haves, the have nots
The issue of money
Ties people in knots

Friends go to war
Enemies stay so
The politics of dosh
Are a snake pit of dough

Which nestles underneath
A veneer of calm
Hissing and spitting
Fangs engaged to do harm

Careful you don’t fall in
To the deadly trap
Keep it shut
Be sure to do that

Or at your peril
You’ll slide into hell
The reptiles will coil around you
And crush you where you fell

Punctured, suffocated
Bones all smashed
Poisoned with venom
Pulped til you gasp

The distribution of wealth
Never did sit right
But them’s the rules
We can fight all we like

I didn’t make them up
I’m just playing the game
Doing what’s needed
To survive, I’ve no shame

Ain’t begging nor stealing
Nobody died
You do what you must
When engaged on this ride

If I had my way
We’d all have the same
Work if we wanted to
Instead of being pimped, in chains

Slaves to a system
Intrinsically flawed
Put in place
By privileged overlords

Totally out of touch
Or who don’t give a f**k
About the average Jo
Who is down on their luck

Trying to make ends meet
In an increasingly costly world
Where the posts keep moving
Until you can’t score a goal

You may say I’m a dreamer
Well I’m not the only one
I can dream all I want
Because dreams spur you on