The Naked Flame

I gaze into

The naked flame


I watch it burn


It glows before me

My weary soul


For something beyond

This β€˜reality’

So tangible yet

It cannot be seen

That I desperately seek

knowing it will fulfil me

Though some might say

it’s a dream

The naked flame

So mesmerising

Almost caressing my face

As it moves

The warming heat

It radiates

I soften, entranced

And soothed

My minds eye widens

The vortex gapes


I begin to escape

From the shackles

Of the physical

Senses heightened

The metaphysical

Into the realms

Of the mystical world

Where questions are answered

And mysteries unfurled

Where celestial voices

Whisper their wisdom

To those who are attuned

And possess the vision

Who have the wherewithal

To boldly venture

Between dimensions

Who in the past were censured

The wizards and witches

The sorcerers and priests

The high priestesses, gods and goddesses

The Ancient Egyptians and Greeks

I stay awhile

And play with fire

To be an initiate

Is my hearts desire.