Toxic Little Tinkerbell

All you ever did was take

Manipulate and scrounge

Innately insincere and ultimately fake

Like your finger nails and overly botoxed face

Utterly self-absorbed

Playing the Princess-In-Distress

Using everyone who ever gave a sh*t

That you are such a f**ked up mess

We all tried

Until we were blue in the face

To help you face your demons

But you’re beyond help and an utter disgrace

I came to your aid

Many a time

Nursed you when you were sick

Gave you first aid and a hospital ride

And yet again

You bailed when I needed a friend

After sponging off me for over a year

You f**ked me over and sent me over the edge

I am astonished and disgusted

That you could stoop so low

You’re clearly beyond redemption

And deserve ever poisonous seed you sow

Good luck with life

I fear you’ll meet a tragic demise

But I guarantee you this

I will not be crying

I will not be sorry

Because you refuse to help yourself

You just leech off the good nature of others

Like a vampire feeding off their light to alleviate your hell

You deserve all you get

Because you’re rotten to the core

‘The Sick Man Prayer’

Doesn’t wash with me anymore

I’m beyond exasperated

With the pathetic ‘little girl lost’ act

Exhausted with your excuses and lies

You’re a Toxic Tinkerbell and that’s an unfortunate fact

You’ve had enough chances

Been forgiven over and over again

But that was the final straw for me

You despicable imposter who dared to call yourself my ‘friend’.