The Crime Of Valentine’s

Single Awareness Day

Approaches once again

When all singles are reminded

Of the love they cannot attain

Excluded in every way

For not being part of a couple

Acute reinforcement of this fact

Can cause some of them to buckle

So either they opt out

Or in defiance they see it through

Uniting with other ‘lonely’ hearts

To gain strength from not being a two

The propaganda and the pressure

To declare your undying devotion

The commercial machine that churns

Provokes a myriad of emotions

It’s only one day of the year

A mere 24 hours

But woe betide you if you don’t receive

A card, some chocolates and flowers

If no one is clamouring

To romance you and seduce

To bowl you over

Worship at your alter – what to do?

Consider yourself unworthy?

Undeserving of such sentiments?

Harbour feelings of being less than?

Brew a pot of resentments?

No way!

Cast that mentality aside!

And recognise that it’s just

Another way of being bribed

To spend your dosh

And buy into the hype

When in reality

It’s all a load of tripe

Love should prevail

All year round

Not on a bitter cold day in February

That marks the day an execution was carried out

When a martyr was proclaimed

St Valentine

Which begs the question –

Why commemorate a crime?