The Sacred Scattering

To Avalon she came
After providence made sure she did
The stars aligned again
On such a time as this

Four days before it began
Just in time apparently it seems
On a Monday in early April
A pilgrimage now she had the means

She came to put him to rest
And cleanse his earthly form
After it was purified by fire
She brought him to her spiritual home

Forgiveness was asked of her
And forgiveness did she give
She prayed that in his passing
His essence was free to live

She cleansed him and she purged
She made sure he was not alone
She took him to consecrated ground
And set him adrift in a fitting abode

They parted ways in the physical sense
But in her heart he doth go on
There was also time for recompense
And releasing and letting go

And then she took solitude
In her β€˜sanctuary’
To process the day’s events
And engage in reverie

In the holiest of places
Where her Godly family reside
Due soon to descend to this earthly plane
To take Supper for the Last time.