So we stepped into the mire
Came at it from different angles
We forgot we were playing with fire
Intoxicated, we threw off the shackles

We gave into desire
In that moment it felt right
The chemistry was palpable
Although we put up a fight

I didn’t know your story
Hadn’t told you mine
Complexitites stayed under wraps
We got on with having a good time

Flickers of signs were there
If only we had listened
And read them right, taken our time
A future could have glistened

But in the light of day
It ultimately transpires
That we’re both in different places
At opposite ends of the shires

Wreckless, yes, but criminals, no
I guess our luck was in
Two decent people who lost their way
Temporarily throwing caution to the wind

Regret is futile, we’re fallible, human
And wisdom comes through learning
From our mistakes and from forgiveness
Even when passion is burning

The dating scene is a labyrinth of landmines
It’s sometimes necessary to traverse
Relationships at any time
Bring out the best and also the worst

In both the sexes – so many rules,
Agendas and social conditioning
Factors that conflict sometimes
And sensibilities that need protecting

But ultimately we all want the same thing
To be loved and to give love
To share our lives with another being
Who’s got our backs and doesn’t judge

It’s trepidatious this life we lead
– I don’t want to go it alone
So I lent myself to you that night
Thinking maybe you could be someone

I could walk this path with
For a little while
Make some music with
Relearn how to smile

Have a little dance with
Act out an awesome scene
Maybe it was premature
And common sense should have intervened

But my intentions here were pure
And in that moment I picked someone
Under different circumstances I could adore
A gentleman and good fun

You tell me you’re not ready
And indeed I respect that
So I’m letting you go, right here, right now
Reluctantly, yes, but intact.