The Hat-Trick Prick

Have the jab!

No, have two!!

Actually have three!!!

And an annual booster too!!!!

Wake up world!

Smelling the coffee yet?

This is as dodgy a global campaign

As it could ever get

If the Vax really works

Why are the jabbed getting sick?

Dropping down dead?

Or suffering adverse side effects?

And why do we need

A Hat Trick of Pricks?

Wasn’t one supposed to be enough?

This whole thing stinks!

Why threaten our freedoms?

If we refuse to be injected?

Why’s it so important

That all of humanity get it?

We have immune systems

We can eat and live right

And it should be a CHOICE

Not in exchange for our human rights!

Would you have chemo?

To prevent getting cancer?

Then why take an ongoing overdose

Of God knows what? I’ll take my chances!

And furthermore

Being currently full of flu

I’ve lost my taste and smell

But tested negative – and I took two!!!

I also have a hacking cough

Am sneezing with a temperature

Bog standard symptoms of COVID

But apparently I’m in the clear?!

It’s gone on way too long

And we’ve all given up far too much

It’s all a bloody convenient ploy

For the authorities to tighten their clutch

To get us to cede

To insane restrictions

Hiding from an invisible ‘disease’

It’s the worst form of science FICTION

The terrifying hype

Surrounding this virus

That’s has been manipulated

To control and divide us

It’s time we said ‘Fuck It!’

And got on with our lives

But the powers that be won’t let us

Because their motives are ulterior – the propaganda is LIES!

Something beyond very sinister

Is happening behind the smoke screen

And mark my words if you don’t wise up

Your nightmares will seem like mere dreams

Your reality will get darker each hour

And you’ll find yourself living in a box

What’s it going to ultimately take?

For the slumbering to awaken from the hoax?!