Weird 24 hours
Pendulum-like emotions
Westminster attack
A warped display of ‘devotion’

Londoners carry on
Shaken but not stirred
Hearts go out to the victims
And the heroes who’ve now been heard

It ain’t the first time
We’ve been hit
Certainly won’t be the last

But we’ll stand tall
Rise above this
Then file it away in the past

Onwards and upwards
For troupers we are
We choose to live here
We’ll deal with the scars

You can’t keep us down
We mean to live free
And that’s what we’ll do

We’ll go about our business
The same as before
We won’t live in fear
Or cower behind locked doors

I remember 7/7
Like it was yesterday
I still take the tube
Come what may

You didn’t beat us then
You certainly won’t now
You’re in a minority
You can’t take us down