The Change Of Heart

Funny how people can affect you

With the things they do or don’t do

Funny how inaction can wound you

As a spiteful word can wound too

Silence isn’t always golden

Withholding can also cause pain

The sunshine I held in my soul

Now dimmed by a cloud filled with rain

Blue skies now overcast

A strong wind blows a tumble weed

Across the horizon I strived towards

Shackled where I was once free

A heaviness has descended

Yet I know this too shall pass

But until it does I must bear its weight

And the ache it has brought, alas

I know not what has transpired

What poison has pierced my bliss

I’m as baffled as a girl could be

That my hopes have been dashed to bits

Buck up, I’m told, que cera cera

But it’s not as easy as that

For this is happening right now to me

And I can’t escape my heart

Which has taken a blow

As to why – I don’t know

But it’s beat is a thud in my chest

Irregular, stilted

I’m feeling wilted

Although I gave it my best

Onwards and upwards

Must go I

When the dust has settled

This thing called love

Sure is tough

A veritable test of my metal.

Rock That Rock Bottom!

Manic yet magical times

Thunderbirds are go!

Overflowing with Gratitude

Sometimes we just KNOW

Joining up the dots

Reading all the signs

Cosmic catalystic coincidences

Could the stars now be aligned?

It’s messing with my mind

This chain reaction of events

Since exploding out of the matrix

It’s all starting to make sense

I have ALWAYS believed

Almost always had faith

But that which is manifesting

Literally blows me away

I felt it in my gut

An awfully long time ago

But this thing that we call life

Can be a very bumpy road

It can shake us, it can break us

Until regrettably we forget

Our innate raisin d’etre

And get tangled in the β€˜net’

Pummelled into the ground

We sink into the abyss

Where it’s hard to see the stars

And climb out of that pit

But there CAN be miracles

Even at that depth

If you JUST trust and pray

Whilst you can still draw breath

If you rock your rock bottom

Like it’s a trampoline

It can catapult you even higher

Beyond your wildest dreams

For while there’s life inside your body

And even the faintest beat of your heart

His power can filter through

And illuminate the dark

Resurrecting your soul

So your spirit can rise again

From here the ONLY way is up –

I rest my case, Amen.