Fallen from grace

What have I become?

An unfamiliar place

I stay though I should run


From the girl I was before

Utter loss of innocence 

A worldlier aura takes the floor

I know when it began 

Not so long ago

When fate dealt me a hand

And I couldn’t take the blow 


Since then I’ve just been floundering

Trying to climb up slippery walls

Reassembling the broken pieces

Into some semblance of what I was

I’ll never be the same

The cracks may never heal

Though they’re firm and held together

By something stronger than steel

Yes the ‘vase’ has been restored

But remains intrinsically changed

For once you’ve hit rock bottom

Some residue remains

It seeps into your very core

Polluting what was pure

And no amount of cleansing

Can purge so you’re as before

You lose a piece of your soul

Something innate is torn

Thus ultimately a shadow appears

A scar where you weathered a storm

It changes you in the end

Where you were once carefree

Your aching heart does harden

Into rock where bleeding veins should be

Jaded though not bitter

A faint weariness in the subliminal

You wear a painted smile

Though underneath you succumb to cynical


And thus you act in accordance

With what you feel inside

And adopt associated behaviours

Attracting others who vibrate in kind

This new persona I’ve become

So different from the other one

Is yet another incarnation on this plane

Until I don my chrysalis once again.