What Goes Around…

Completely and utterly boxed in

Rage and resentment building

Putting up with untold s**te

Currently no exit in sight

Since the lockdown began

Someone has blood on their hands

Because I am spitting it daily

As a result of some c**t(s) trying to play me

You actually couldn’t make it up

But I’m no f**king sitting duck

I won’t take this lying down

Don’t underestimate me – I’m nobody’s clown

Serenity was granted

When I couldn’t change what was planted

But when I could, courage was given

And the wisdom to know the difference

What I’ve also been given is time

And a very inquisitive mind

And I will nail you to the floor

For bringing all this crap to my door

If you think I give a s**t

About having to spend a few quid

To replace what I suspect you stole

You never knew me at all

You think you’re so superior

But really you’re deranged, inferior

You throw your weight around

Patronise, look down

Upon everyone

What the f**k are you on?!

Your time will come

Karma is also a c**t

So you have your fun

Keep digging, crack on!

‘Cause that hole’s getting deeper

Here comes the Grim Reaper…