The Volatile Vegan

A Volatile Vegan

Abused me today

I have nothing against Vegans

Unless they rain on my parade

This Volatile Vegan

Clever thought she were

When she grabbed me by my collar

To check it if it was fur

Upon deciding it was

She regarded me with disgust

Let go like it was on fire

And strutted off proud of what she had ‘sussed’

Her eyes literally filled

With vitriol

She spun on her heel

After piercing my soul

The silent venom

She injected me with

Could melt lead into liquid

Even with just one drip

I was made to feel

Like I’d skinned something alive

In actual cold blood

Then worn it with pride

I wouldn’t mind

But this actually happened

Not near a PETA protest

But at work in Stratford

Extreme behaviour

That was utterly out of place

Judgemental and self righteous

And totally in my face

If you are vehemently Vegan

Don’t inflict your views on me

Your beliefs belong to you

And don’t give you the right to preach

How dare you actually

Invade my personal space?

Grab hold of my clothing

Pass judgement, spread hate?

Look down on me

With intense disdain

Act satisfied and smug

That you’ve inflicted pain?

You ought to be ashamed

Yet you take the moral high ground

Thank God I’m not like you

A condescending b***h with an axe to grind.