Lockdown Lethargy

Lockdown lethargy

Is setting in

Tired of getting up

Just to stay in

All leisure facilities

Still flaming closed

Can’t stay overnight

And it’s making me morose

Desperate to travel

To far flung places

Visit friends and family

And distant open spaces

Tired of Ally Pally

And even Hampstead Heath

Want to spread my wings

That I can’t gives me grief

When will it end?

It’s been months and still counting

Every day interminably long

Anticipation of freedom mounting

Cancelled holidays

Estranged from those I love

It wasn’t so bad at first

But now it’s getting tough

I rate my own company

But I’m bored of myself

Adore my attic flat

But I’m sick of that as well

Now a gilded cage

For a bird with clipped wings

I know I’m not the only one

Feeling these things

But I can only speak

For I, myself and me

I’m very much the butterfly

Yearning to break free

From my Covid Chrysalis

For I’ve ran out of things to do

And I’m climbing the walls

Silly but it’s true

Zoom meetings are alright

But they’re not face to face

This virtual existence

Cannot possibly replace

Actual physical contact

And visiting different locations

I’m desperate to get out of Dodge

And have a proper vacation!

It’s more important to gather

Be reunited and celebrate

Than reopening the economy

To appease the bloody state

They actually should declare

A national holiday

So people can make up for precious time

Lost due to this outbreak

Not pack everyone back off to work

And children back to school

After everything we’ve been through

It’s the least they could do

Maybe I’m a dreamer

But wouldn’t that be nice?

This banning of physical contact

Contradicts the essence of life.

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