A La Prochaine

Job done

It was time to make tracks

She’d paid her dues

And that was that

The cycle of life

Was moving her on

She didn’t belong here

Although it was fun

She yearned for more

Than what was on offer

She’d been reduced

To something improper

She needed to extract herself

From the status quo

This wasn’t really her

So she had to go

On to the next

Big adventure

She was seeking out

To avert dementia

To the pastures new

She was yearning for

Knock, knock, knocking

On unopened doors

If she persisted

One may unlock

So she made a plan

After taking stock

For it’s not healthy to stagnate

In the same old cycle

In order to grow

You must not spiral

Into the same

Mundane routine

But instead take courage

And spread your wings

And then when the moment

Is upon you and right

Soar into the air

And just take flight!