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“Full Of Laughter, Sadness And Every Other Emotion In Between”

L Djuve-Wood, Manningtree, September 2020.

“It’s Tough Being Isolated When The World Is Closed*****

I’m not an expert on poetry, I wouldn’t know an Iambic Pentameter from an anaphora, but I know what I like and I like this. This is a collection of verbally frisky poems for our times. Musings on the lockdown, the pitfalls of online dating and the jobsworth in the chemist’s who deems shampoo a non-essential item.

There is humour and pathos as the accidental buccanneer steers her course through the “perilous waters” of online dating. Starbucks lemon muffins are likened to â€œbulging bosoms, veritable sugar tits”. The pixie is not afraid to confront deeper issues like her bipolar disorder and other mental health issues, â€œpeeling back the layers, wondering who I am”. Some of the musings were written during the coronavirus lockdown in London (N22) and reflect on the surrounding paranoia and the binge buying of bog roll, others cover exotic travels to Marrakesh. She wonders whether to “paint a red plague cross on the door.” The pixie sweetly declares that during this pandemic I’m stockpiling hugs and there is plenty of fairy to cut through the gunge . There are many targets for the pixie’s poison pen like the “Poshification of everything”.

J. Holroyd, August 2020.

“Delightful up to date and spot on the point exceptional English writings*****

“Beautiful writings with hidden agendas*****

This is an excellent read and one that can be read over several nights or weeks and when all have been read try marking individual poems for helping you understand a problem or event …. who needs a psychologist when you get this help free ? Loved reading it. Perhaps there will be a sequel Elixir of the Elf.”
Jean E, Scotland,  December 2017.

Lovely ****

A lovely read, making me smile and giving great pleasure.”

S. Page, London, December 2017.

Brilliant, witty and fun poems!”

Missy Maz, London, December 2017.

D Morris, London, January 2018.

“Heartfelt, cheeky, and witty poems *****

Heartfelt, cheeky, and witty poems. A book to relish from cover to cover or to dip into for something to make you laugh or cry again and again.”

K Fellowes, London, January 2018.

“Five Stars *****

I’m loving this book! I can really resonate with the poems! Thank you for sharing! The book is totally inspirational! I love it.  How courageous you are for sharing your experiences.”

Sara, Glastonbury, September 2019.