Cupid’s In Deep Sh*t!

Cupid’s in deep s**t!

For drink driving whilst on duty

I was a direct hit

And rendered feeling infuriatingly fruity

Turns out he was p*ssed

As a proverbial fart

I’m incensed he didn’t miss

For now I’m nursing a mortified heart

He’s really done a number on me

Because I clearly wasn’t his target

No way on God’s earth should I have fallen inappropriately in lust

With a dude that was off the market

Well, he can clean up his own mess

This totally wasn’t my fault!

His drunken mishap made me fess up

To feelings I never should have felt!

Now I’m in a tangle

And that reckless chubby cherub needn’t gloat!

The situation is mangled

I NEED an antidote!

A f**king ice cold shower

A course of antibiotics

And to report him to the Love Powers That Be

For rendering me psychotic.