Harbouring feelings

That won’t subside

Said and done all I can

But still they continue to arise

You say you’ve got someone

You’re quite besotted with

Guess that’s all I need to know

For I’ve nothing more to give

Guess I’ll have to resist

That urge to fold you in my arms

Guess I’m paralysed

For I cannot make you feel what you can’t

For a while there it seemed you felt the same

Guess I read the signs all wrong

Guess it’s me who is to blame

For allowing my fantasies to run amock

For sensing something that maybe wasn’t there

For allowing my head to believe

For chasing a rainbow that was made of thin air

And evaporated when I drew near

It felt so real – almost palpable

A current so strong I shook

But it was unsustainable

And suddenly the power was cut

Everything else remained the same

But the surge was no longer present

Try as I might it wouldn’t reignite

Which inevitably led to torment

So I poured it all out

In the hope I could capture

That vital piece

Of your heart – make it rapture

I should’ve known then

That things were not flowing

When you missed my point

And started joking

But eventually

We had the talk

You set the record straight

And now I have to walk

But I’m carrying with me

An unwanted gift

That part of me I wanted someone to cherish

That I must now set adrift

Off on the ocean

Of unrequited love

They float away, these unrealised dreams

That had seemed to fit like a glove.