Double Whammy

There’s a hole in my life

Where he and she were

I miss them both much

Almost too much to bear


The two people with whom

I spent most of my time

My lover and my friend

One in heaven, one not mine


Unlike her

He will return

But to live without them both

Is a lesson I must learn


So twice I grieve

For my two special peeps

As my life they both leave

Whom I loved beyond heaps


Well, I’ll cherish the memories

Of the good times we shared

Those spent with him

Those spent with her


Those spent together –

The best times of all

He brought us together –

What a fortuitous call


Thus I thank him so much

For giving me that gift

She enhanced my life hugely

And I am grateful for this


It’s cold outside
And I’m chilled to the bone
Christmas is a-coming
Oh, how this year has flown

But 2016
You’ve been something of a bitch
Taking all the good ones
It’s been something of a blitz

Then we had Brexit
Followed by Trump
You couldn’t make it up
Perhaps we all should jump

Well, it can’t get any worse
There’s only a month of you left
And I’m going to make it count
And do my level best

To end you on a high
And send you off in style
Although you don’t deserve it
Cause, frankly, you were vile

But I’ll celebrate anyway
For nothing lasts forever
Even the bad times end
And if we’re wise, they’ll bring us together.


Somehow we made it through
And reached our respective destinations
Separated, it’s true
But intact in our new locations

And I, for one, feel enriched
By that part of our journey we shared
The pleasure was worth the pain
I have no desire to be spared

We needed each other
For whatever the reason
Enjoyed a haitus
A hay-making season

But all life is transient
It ebbs and it flows
Seasonal cycles
Will come and then go

Will blossom and fade
Sure as the night
Will follow the day

I am just happy
That by pure chance
We met along the way
And enjoyed a wonderful dance

And I say this to all
My compadres in life
The good, the bad, the ugly
The trouble and the strife

Thank you for the colours
You wove into my fabric
Thank you for the legends
Who’ve helped me walk this labyrinth

And thanks in anticipation
For all that is yet to come
I’m ready to embrace you
A new chapter has begun

Sitting Ducks

Oh, fuck a duck
I love that bloody expression
For all of us are sitting like one
Though we do a good impression

Of being in control
Keeping calm and carrying on
When the reality of it is
A bullet could at any time come

And knock us off our perch
Scattering feathers everywhere
Upsetting the apple cart
Having us tearing out our hair

If we’re lucky enough, that is
To survive the initial blast
It’s like playing Russian Roulette
Every day could be our last

So party like it’s the end of the world
Love that boy, love that girl
Sod that job if it’s making you blue
Eat that cake, have those shoes

Take that holiday
Buy that car
Live it up
Act like a star

For all of us are A-listers
Action heroes dodging bullets
Life is a flaming mine field
So grab it by the gullet

Use your time wisely
It’s limited after all
Make every second count
For even the great ones fall


I am the Poisonous Pixie
I wield my poisoned pen
I rant and rave and contemplate
And dish the dirt on (some) men

It brings me so much joy
To vent and find expression
In rhyming words and symbolism
As I learn my daily lessons

And if we should come into contact
And you should make an impression
You too could find yourself immortalised
In a lyrical form of expression

So please be nice –
For if you’re naughty you’ll know
You’ll end up in a poem
And on my blog you’ll go

And then up on to Facebook
For all the world to see
So like I said, be nice
Or you’ll be a victim of the Poisonous Pixie!

The River of Life

The river of life keeps a-flowing
The dickheads of life, coming and going
We victims have no way of knowing
Why these dweebs gravitate towards us as they’re sowing

We attract them like magnets, like moths to a flame
They love us, then piss off, leaving us wondering whose to blame
And we, wounded souls, will never be the same
Whilst they jump on to the next and start sowing again

I wish the river of life would drown the little shits
Who’ve broken our hearts and left us in bits
As they move on, get married, sprout kids
We pick up the pieces, have therapy, get pissed

I’ll never understand why these bastards get on
Whilst their broken exes limp, searching in vain for the one
Why they morph into respectable, family-minded gents
Whilst their exes get bitter and moan and resent

We have to believe they weren’t meant for us
They treated us like dirt, made us cry, made us cuss
And we were too nice to be shackled to such toads
Our princes will come, they’re just lost in the post!

Stephanie xx

My dearest friend

I love you so

I’m sorry that

You have to go


You’ve made a difference

To my life

You’ve cradled me

Through trouble and strife


You’ve bared your soul

And shared with me

Your deepest secrets

And hopefully found some peace


I’m honoured that

We found each other

My sister from

Another mother


My inspiration

And rock at times

Someone to laugh with

And someone to cry


Through the tears

And through the fun

I see your strength

How you don’t run


Like a lioness

You face it all

Through your trials

You never fall


You keep it together

And do your best

When life is harsh

You pass the test


You hold on tight

And don’t let go

The wonder of you

Is something I’ve never known







Blowing in the Wind

Blowing in the wind
Flying in the breeze
Sailing on a cloud
Rustling through the trees

Free as a winged bird
Soaring through the sky
I’m sure you’re there somewhere
Living formless as you fly

I felt your presence that night
That tingling on my skin
Those serene arms enfolding me
And I knew you were at peace within

I hear your name sometimes
Resounding in my head
And I know that you are close
And there’s no need for the tears I shed

My dearest friend though I miss you
I know you’re somewhere safe
And that we’ll meet again
When it’s my turn to visit that place

Calling Out

Calling out to the angels
To rain down tonight
Need a hand to hold
Before the morning light

Something is unfolding
I am helpless here
Need to find the strength
To live through what I fear

My faith is shaken
This world seems cruel
No explanation
So I’m reaching out to you

I’m calling out to the angels
To rain down on me
Lift me up when I can’t stand
And I’m down on my knees

Calling out to the angels
To shine their guiding light
Lead the way out of this place
And spread their love tonight

Is this the time for prayer?
What I am praying for?
The strength to proceed
When I can do no more

The ticking of the clock
The minutes ebb away
Seconds pass but I’m paralysed
All I can do is wait

Am I mistaken?
Just a fool?
Feeling so jaded
So I’m reaching out to you

Calling out to the angels
To rain down on me
Lift me up when I can’t stand
And I’m down on my knees

Calling out to the angels
If there is a God above
To hear my plea, rain down on me
Fill me with your love