Intimacy Armageddon

The digital age

At first glance seems clever

All this technology

Designed to keep us ‘together’

To keep us ‘connected’

Wherever we are

But if I’m totally honest

I think it’s a farce

For it enables us

To be lazy in our communication

Removing any necessity

To be physically present

When you can just send a text

With the tap of a few keys

Or email someone

You are relieved

Of any obligation

To make anything resembling an effort

To make an actual connection

Thus human contact is virtually severed

You certainly know your ‘worth’

When no one picks up the phone

When instead they record a memo

That you inevitably listen to alone

No option for conversation

A two-way thing

That involves interaction

And true dialoging

No eye contact either

No handshake

It’s akin to a bereavement

And my weary heart breaks

No hope of ascertaining

Someone’s warmth of tone

Or of reading their expression

And regarding the state of their soul

And so we avoid each other

Like the proverbial plague

As we succumb to greater reliance

On the digital age

This divide and rule plan

Seems to be working

Too many of us regrettably

Interaction are shirking

Afraid to venture out

Afraid to friendship kindle

Regarding those outside of our bubbles

As lepers with whom we shouldn’t mingle

And so people are losing

Their zest and will to live

It’s a sorry state of affairs

That it has come to this

We may as well be in a prison cell

With a smartphone as a mate

Oblivious to the bars which confine us

And the locked bolt across the gate

As long as we get ‘likes’

And the odd red heart emoji

As long as our phone bleeps sometimes

Surely we will never be lonely

As long as we have WiFi

And our reception is strong

Let us worship at the alter of technology

And to hell with what is wrong

Are we but islands?

On a sea of division?

Does the current to the ocean

Not flow from a river?

Does the river not form

From a tiny mountain spring?

That swelled from the raindrops

Collected therein?

That fell from the sky

When the clouds burst at the seams?

Don’t you see how we all are connected

Like the water in the streams?

It’s doesn’t do to be separate

Or we’ll dissipate and die

Whereas together we are strong

And can rise like the tide

Civilisation is being deconstructed

Machines are taking over

Our lives are moving increasing online

Fellowship rarer than a four leaf clover

Our prospects don’t look good

If we allow this decline to go on

It’s as if we’re facing a form of extinction

An intimacy Armageddon.

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