Be There

In these strange

Unprecedented times

Spare a thought

For those who find

Themselves isolated

For days on end

Not having any physical interaction

Completely cut off from friends

With society practically closed

And many working from home

Or others furloughed, unemployed

Spending too much time alone

Do check in

Don’t leave them to rot

Consider visiting

So they know they’re not forgot

And if you do make plans

At least see them through

Don’t let someone down

Whose relying on you

You might just be

The highlight of their week

You may be the only other human

That they actually see

Physical contact is vital

Having company means so much

So keep your appointments where possible

Don’t deprive another of that stuff

Suicide rates

Are sky-high right now

People are lonely

But perhaps ashamed to reach out

Even the strong ones

Without diagnosed conditions

Are battling right now

With these f**king restrictions

So if someone goes quiet

Give them a shout

If they’ve suddenly gone AWOL

At least check them out!

I’m not saying it’s your job

To save someone’s life

But a sense of community

Would really be nice

We were meant to live in tribes

And take care of each other

Not exist in segregation

Terrified of our sisters and brothers

It’s so messed up

What is happening right now

The real killer isn’t COVID

If you were in any doubt

It’s depression, Alcoholism

Addiction and neglect

So please be a bit selfless

And you might just resurrect

Someone from their pit

Of despair

Just by, from time to time

Simply being there.

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