Mind how you treat others

Measure the things you say

Watch your tone of voice

Especially when far away

Don’t bark down the phone

Don’t hang up in a fury

Don’t take out your stress

On another, it’s unsavoury

Try at all times to be nice

You don’t know what someone’s going through

You don’t know what kind of day they’re having

Unless you walk in their shoes

And don’t kick them when they’re down

Or tell them they’re being sensitive

Something small to you could be big to them

For problems are all relative

Listen when someone’s upset

Offer comfort don’t shut them up

One day it could be you

Who’s crying, in need of love

If you haven’t got the time

Don’t pick up the phone

Sometimes people just need an ear

To feel not so alone

So if you lack the patience

Or empathy is in short supply

Perhaps sit this one out

Lest you inadvertently antagonise

For you never know how close to the edge

Someone teeters before they crack

Don’t be the match in the gunpowder barrel

You strike with your attack

Think before you speak!

Don’t do anything rash

For once deeds and words are out in the ether

No more can you take them back.

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