The Wind Of Time

Change is on the horizon

The wind of time is blowing

Do you know what is coming?

Have you got your eyes open?

In the bleak mid-winter

Much will come to pass

The tapestry of the world

Unravelling somewhat en masse

Those who still dwell in slumber

May be jolted from their dreams

Those who have awakened

Have come to anticipate such things

Our very foundations may shake

Trust the ground you stand on is firm

History can sometimes repeat itself

For some things we have to relearn

Hold your loved ones close

Remember who you are

Centre yourselves and pray

Meditate and act from the heart

The wheel is starting to turn

The downside of a cycle

Turbulence may come before

The ensuing peace we desire makes its arrival

Question everything

See the truth as it is revealed

Don’t shy away from what stares you in the face

When secrets are no longer concealed

Listen to the voices

Of those who resonate

Listen to your intuition

Refrain from division and hate

We all are one

All lives matter

We are not a herd

Of sheepdog following cattle

Each of us have the capacity

To think and use our brains

Don’t gorge on fear and be spoon fed

Don’t let negativity drive you insane

Positive vibes are needed

Love in spades must be spread

This β€˜plague’ that is upon us

Hasn’t consumed us yet

Serenity in the face of calamity

Is what is needed here

So turn to God as you understand him

And engage His benevolent ear.

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