Penned In

Lockdown may have eased

But life still ain’t a breeze

Working from home

Too much time spent alone

Theatres still closed

Miss gigging and fellowes

Bars are a bore

Dining out too frequently is a chore

Wish life would return to normal

Distractions pass the time infernal

Seems then there’s less time to think

About stuff I’m unsatisfied with

I was on the cusp of big changes

Moving cities, careers, rearrangement

But that’s now on hold for the foreseeable

And feeling trapped just isn’t agreeable

I’d like to really shake things up

A fresh start to change my luck

This old routine is wearing thin

I need new stimuli to immerse myself in

Crooking my neck didn’t help

It really made me yelp

Still sadly can’t swim

Or go to the reopened gym

I’d love to see a live show

Rock to a band with friends in tow

I feel like running away

But with all these restrictions in place

It’s a tricky time to skip town

Start a new life when Covid’s around

I’ve tried astral projection

To access different dimensions

It doesn’t work for me

Can’t quite leave my body

The rocket I have in my back yard

Is still lacking a suitable launch pad

Or I’d blast myself off to Mars

Whilst whizzing past galaxies of stars

I’ve written a bloody book

So it’s not like I’ve been sat on my butt

I’m working albeit part-time

I’m just sick of being confined

In isolation – perhaps I need a cat

But that would require installing a flap

My landlord would flip

He’s a bit of a tit

He already pinched my table and chairs

So a feline would make him spit hairs

What is a girl to do?

Who thrives on poetry and performing too?

I’ve already been on my hols

Now I’m back staring at these four walls

I miss being at the clinic

Giving reiki and all things holistic

It’s still not legal to practise

Too risky should someone contract this

Virus that has changed the planet

Beyond recognition and we’re struggling to manage

I know I’m not the only one in despair

But I can only speak for myself to be fair

How will it end?

Can’t keep going round the bend!

Something’s got to give

We’re all entitled to live

As free as a bird

We’re not sheep in a herd

Living in a pen

To be rounded up by Shep

Chomping on grass

Growing lazy and fat

In a human farm

There’s no apparent escape from.

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