Know Yourself


But not wiser

Got experience

But not common sense

I stagger through life

Rarely sailing

It’s just an observation –

I ain’t complaining

Doesn’t matter

How many years you clock up

It’s still entirely possible

To go off the rails and f**k up

Or is that simply living?

Sometimes that shit is so unforgiving!

You find yourself

Climbing a rock face

A jagged wall

And you’re in a bad place

You have the highs and then the lows

Guess it’s how you deal with the blows

Do you go crazy

And hit the bottle?

Or confront your fears?

It’s such a test of your metal

Fending off your emotions

Being strong

Isn’t easy to do

When things are going wrong

When you’re off kilter

You’re vulnerable

That’s when you’ve got to remember

This shall pass, so hold on

You’ve got to always keep

Your eye on the ball

Read the signs

Don’t sugar coat it all

Not everyone’s going

To be honest with you

Not everyone’s intentions

Are pure and true

Some just want

A shoulder to cry on

Some want what they can get

So don’t be in denial

Register the red flags

Take heed of what they say

They’ll just get bigger

If you keep driving that way

Change direction

When you hit a road block

Don’t wait for rejection

Take the bull by the horns

Why should everyone get

What they want but not you?

Time to put yourself first

And to yourself be true

Hold a little bit back

Keep your options open

Don’t sedate yourself

Until you numb your emotions

Unless we feel

We can’t function right

You’ve got to be sensitive

To what’s going on inside

Know yourself

And the rest will follow

Your intuition should be

Fierce not hollow

Your guiding light

When you’re in the dark

Use your brain

But listen to your heart

If it doesn’t resonate

It isn’t for you

You can’t force fate

So rewrite the rules

Change your course

Toss the deadwood away

Lighten your burden

And seize the new day

Because if you wake up

You’ve got a clean slate

Another chapter to write

So don’t hesitate.

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