Single White Female





Let go of me

It’s over

Consign it to

The past!

You’re clinging on

For dear life

Disturbing me

Giving me sleepless nights

You’ve gone too far

Brought this on yourself

You’re acting like

You need professional help

I’ve told you twice

I need space

To back off

I’m taking a break

But you persist

Disrespecting me

Riding roughshod over boundaries

It’s sinister – can’t you see?

Direct and indirect

Contact I don’t want

You already broke into my flat

But me do you still hunt


My distant friends

Digging for information

STOP – it has to end!

This behaviour

I won’t tolerate

I’m not your possession

Just go away!

I don’t want you in

My life anymore

I’ve tried to be kind

But now I’m royally sore

You’re not taking the hint

‘Oblivious’ to what you’ve done

No self-awareness

Still at me do you come

What you’re doing

Is obsessive

I don’t like violence

But it’s making me aggressive

Well I’ve had enough

I’m done with being nice

It’s out of my hands now

Perhaps next time you’ll think twice.

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