Now out of the madness

I see the light

So many poorly souls

Trapped in perpetual night

I sympathise

To a point

They’re sickening

Unbalanced, out of joint

But when it impacts me

In a detrimental fashion

I shall not tolerate

Their onslaughts without action

I shall not suffer

At their hands

I shall withdraw

And focus on my own plans

I shall take the necessary measures

To keep my aura clear

Protect my castle and myself

Should toxicity draw near

Clowns to the left of me

Jokers to the right

I may be stuck in the middle

But the road out of adversity is in sight

Too long have I endured this

For I was afraid to stand tall

Now with divinity back in my life

I rise from the ashes, I shall not fall

Right is right

Wrong is wrong

I’m out of the darkness

Feeling strong

The remnants may linger

Of the purple haze

But no longer do I wander

Around in a daze

I’ve separated the wheat

From the chaff

Now sweeping away the debris

I clear my future path

Those who would push me

Off this course

Sent to Coventry

No more will I engage in discourse

Those who would stand with me

Enhance my life

Are welcome here

To walk by my side.

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