The Falling Tower


Are out of stock

All fresh food gone

Because the ‘herd’ ran a-mock

Nothing left

But junk and sweets

Because some greedy f**kers

Only themselves thought to please

Bring back rationing!

At least make the game fair!

We all have to eat!

And can’t survive on fresh air!

Gluttony is one

Of the Seven Deadly Sins

Greed another

Yet the mayhem begins

How savage we become

As depicted in ‘Lord Of The Flies’

When the masses lose the plot

And society disintegrates before our eyes

And what of our government?

Suspending mortgages but not rent?

How is that equality?

What kind of message does that send?

Why are homeowners protected?

But the rest of us exposed?

Condemned to possible eviction?

If the economy implodes?

Do they want the poorer amongst us?

Out on the streets?

Begging for mercy?

‘Til we succumb to the disease?

Then consider the NHS staff

Fighting this war

Without adequate equipment

Or protective uniforms!

Working on the frontline

Tackling the virus

Then abandoned at home

If they become victims of the crisis

GP surgeries have closed

We’re told to dial 111

But the line’s permanently engaged

We can’t talk to anyone

So those who have symptoms

Quarantine in despair

Because no one will test them

To confirm/allay their worst fears

Forced to ride it out

Wondering whether they’ll pull through

Whilst politicians declare

20,000 deaths a GOOD result!

How is that GOOD?!

Do they mean to say that’s the TARGET?!

Are they AIMING for 20,000 PEOPLE

To actually cark it?

How callous a statement

So devoid of compassion

Fanning the flames of terror

When what is required is action

The lunatics are running

This veritable asylum

The sane seem to be in the minority

Amid all this pandemonium

I understand the desire

To evacuate into space

Flee a zillion light years away

From this God-forsaken place

That said I still have faith

That our serenity will be restored

And I’m down on my knees

Praying for everyone of us

For before the calm

Inevitably comes the storm

Cleansing and purging

Though the thunder roars

The rain may fall


But this could be the catalyst

That ultimately sets us free

As all that was hidden

Now comes to light

The stark reality

Of a world in plight

A ‘civilisation’ so sick

It will ultimately destroy itself

Toppling the few

Who currently hoard global wealth

Because this living nightmare

Is forcing the sleeping to wake up

The revolution is coming

The Falling Tower has been struck.

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