Fever Pitch

Panic stations all around

Bog roll’s flying off the shelves

Coronavirus is London bound

As en masse we sanitise ourselves

Lockdown could be coming

So grab your pasta and baked beans

Bulk buy as much grub as you can

Loot and ransack the likes of Sainsbury’s

Cause a riot

Jump the queue

It’s round the block

No waiting in line for you!

Stockpile everything

Then batten down the hatches

Binge on the paranoia

The media’s fuelling in massive batches

The world’s gone mad

A pandemic of insanity

As everyone starts self-isolating

Instead of roaming free

What to think?

Who to believe?

Is this real?

Or a conspiracy?!

Is it a bid?

To cull the population?

Is germ warfare at hand?

Or truly an accident of nature?

It’s hard to ascertain

Who the good guys are in this

Some say it’s a stunt to privatise

Our beloved NHS

Europe, we know,

Isn’t taking any chances

But brazen Blighty

Has yet to act to contain the advances

Of the virus

(If indeed it’s as bad as they say)

Which makes me wonder WTF

Is being kept from the public domain?

What does Boris know?

That the rest of the world does not?

Or does our government genuinely not care

If half of us pop our clogs?

I didn’t vote them in

Never trusted them anyway

And now I dislike them even more

For we’re sitting ducks here in the UK

But not to worry

If our liberty IS being revoked

As long as we can wipe our bums

We won’t care if we’re not in on the ‘joke’

For in all this hysteria

Those still ‘asleep’

Will listen to the hype

Until it’s too late to weep

Over the fact that the prophetic

Novel ‘1984’

Could soon be our reality

Now common sense is out the door.

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