Virtual Vaginas

Virtual Vaginas

Sick of being objectified

By men just out for a f**k

Sick of vile predators

Baiting you and trying their luck

They project their fantasies on to you

Think you’ll fulfil their needs

Ignoring the fact you have needs of your own

And you’re not there just them to please

You’re more than a mere vagina

A depository for them to release

You’re a human being with feelings

Emotions and a history

You’re worthy of love

You deserve respect

You’re not a f***ing sex toy

To be disposed of when they’re no longer erect

These people are vermin

So arrogant

Like ravenous beasts

On the hunt

For vulnerable prey

To entice into their trap

Where they trip you up

To get you flat on you on your back

Vultures that surf the net

And groom you via a dating sight

Then lure you out, feigning affection

Crawling out of the shadows at night

It’s all so twisted

Romance is dead

An elaborate ploy

To get you into bed

They may not quite be Weinstein

But it’s in the same despicable vein

The abuse of women is rife

In this godforsaken digital age

Where are the gentlemen?

Where is their honour?

What happened to courting?

Getting to know one another?

Is this what it boils down to?

A flash in the pan?

Dehumanising females?

Wham bam, thank you, ma’am?

Shall we chop of our limbs?

Our torsos and heads?

For they’re surplus to requirements

If we succumb to the likes of them!

Like Boxing Helena

If you break it right down

It makes my blood boil

That these diabolical clowns

Who should really hire a prostitute

Instead go all out online

In search of a bargain bang

Spinning their web of lies.

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