Be Kind


Another soul gave up

Departed this life

For she’d endured enough

She couldn’t take

This world anymore

So she took flight

From behind closed doors

We’ll never know

The final trigger

But something snapped

Something she just couldn’t figure

A way out from

No apparent escape

The only option

Her own life to take

The outpouring of grief

We now see

The abundance of love

Is a tragedy

For she’ll never feel it

Too little too late

The odds were stacked against

This vilified victim of hate

I didn’t know her

But her death resonates

In bleaker times

Have I contemplated such a fate

But I never had to contend

With the added pressure

Of overwhelming scrutiny

And being tabloid fodder

Whatever took place

On that December day

Should not have ended

In this utterly heartbreaking way

That a tormented young woman

Had to kill herself

For people to finally realise

How badly she needed help

To deal with a world

That had seemingly turned it’s back

Upon the beautiful but broken star

We knew as Caroline Flack.

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