Skin Deep

Skin Deep

Ironically when at hospital

I went to get weighed

When I bent to remove my shoe

My Lycra leggings frayed

Nay, they royally ripped

Below my left butt cheek

A gaping hole appeared

White knickers for all to see

A pound of flesh

And half of my bum

On display

With nowhere to run

I’d like to think

They shrank in the wash

Clean on today

But that’s probably tosh

For when I hit the scales

The needle went up

To 64 kilos

I couldn’t bare to look

Middle aged spread

Is afflicting me

5’3” and a half

Curves for all to see

I can recall when

I was a mere 7 stone

21 years old

Slender, lithe and toned

No problem squeezing

Into purple spandex jeans

Like Sandy’s in Grease

Shiny black, final scenes

Back when I was

A perfect size 6

Blonde and willowy

Before the clock ticked

To February 2020

My 45th year

So much has changed

Not just the size of my rear

Maturing disgracefully

Although that’s about to change

For although my foot is fractured

I’m no longer in so much pain

Instead I’m focusing inward

Repairing my wounded soul

Reinventing the ‘wheel’

Recovery my goal

And there’s so much work

Still to be done

I haven’t time to fret

Over the size of my bum

That’s one good thing about ageing

You sure as hell care less

About outward appearances

And your hair being a mess

For it’s what’s inside that counts

And if you’re discontented

You’ll never be satisfied

And lost youth may be lamented

Don’t fear growing old

And developing some padding

It’s better than the alternative

Or being emaciated and sagging

Embrace your waist

The extra inch or two

Love yourself

Then you won’t have to

Obsess about your looks

And any lines that appear

You won’t need to seek approval

Or the coming decades fear

And if you’re inclined

To seek solace in prayer

That sense of connection

Will form a protective layer

Around your insecurities

And put them to bed

Amplify your inner voice

So you can hear that instead

Of any self-defeating thoughts

About your evolving looks

Until you actually no longer do

Give a flying f**k

You’ll no longer need a mask

For beauty comes from within

You’ll find inner peace at last

And feel comfortable in your own skin.

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